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How Do I Get More LBC?


Through LBC rewards, you can earn LBC just by using Odysee.

Most account are approved for rewards automatically during the sign up process.

Depending on factors like location, VPN use, etc. you may be asked for additional information for verification. To do this, you have a few options:

Via Phone Number

Your first option is to verify through your phone. We'll send you a text message with a code.

Via Card

You can also verify using a credit or debit card. We won't save your card information or charge you any fees. You may see a $1 authorization, but this will fall off.

Via Chat

Finally, you can verify through our Discord server. Here, a moderator will review your account and, if you're eligible, approve you for rewards. Our Discord is here.

At this time, verification requests are reviewed manually, which means they can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple days to be approved.

For our full guide on Odysee rewards and monetization, click here.


You can earn LBC by inviting others to Odysee. At$/invite, you'll be given an invite link.

Share this link, and for every unique user that clicks on it, you'll be given a bit of LBC.

This is especially helpful for creators who are sharing their Odysee channel to their viewers. Instead of giving out the basic link for your channel, give the invite link.

LBC Tips

LBC tips from viewers are also a way to earn more LBC. When tips are first sent, they'll boost the content they were tipped on and won't be available to use until they're unlocked. To unlock a tip, first go to the wallet by clicking Your Wallet.

From this screen, you'll select Transactions, and change the Type to Received.

When you see the boost you want to refund, simply click the unlock icon next to "Tip," and you'll unlock the tip.

Do note: once a tip is unlocked, it will no longer boost the content it was originally tipped on.