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View rewards on Odysee give creators LBC earnings per each verified view. A verified view is a view from a verified user. This means that we've verified they're a real person, in order to prevent rewards abuse. As well for preventing abuse, only the first 7 views from a verified user each day will be monetized for creators.

How Much Do I Earn Per View?

To check your earnings per view, navigate to the channels page by clicking the profile picture icon and selecting Channels in the drop down menu.

Your earnings per view will show to the right of your channel.

Note: Your rate is subject to change and is based on a number of variables including average watch time, average view count, type of content, engagement, creator location, and price of LBC.

Tracking Earnings

Click the profile picture icon at the top right corner and select Rewards

From this page, earned view rewards will show under Claimed Rewards as Content View Tips.