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Get more Credits to use


You can receive some Credits by inviting other people to Odysee. At$/invite, you'll be given an invite link.

Share this link, and for every unique user who clicks on it and is verified, you will receive some Credits.

This is especially helpful for creators who are sharing their Odysee channel to their viewers. Instead of giving out the basic link for your channel, give the invite link.

Credits Tips

Credits tips from viewers are also a way to receive more Credits. When tips are first sent, they'll boost the content they were tipped on and won't be available to use until they're unlocked. To unlock a tip, first go to the wallet by clicking Your Wallet.

From this screen, you'll select Transactions, and change the Type to Received.

When you see the boost you want to refund, simply click the unlock icon next to "Tip," and you'll unlock the tip.


Do note: Once a tip is unlocked, it will no longer boost the content it was originally tipped on.