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The Categories

This section will list each of the channel categories and explain the kind of content to expect in each of them.

Keep in mind, we've had a number of categories in the past - Cheese, Rabbit Hole, Nice People, etc. - that are no longer on Odysee. The categories are subject to change at any time, whether we're adding new ones, removing old ones, renaming them, or anything else. This section will stay up to date on our current categories.

This is the first category on the sidebar and is made-up of channels hand-picked by us. These channels are diverse and high-quality, and serve to illustrate the kind of content diversity found on Odysee.

What To Expect: Well-produced, interesting, and entertaining content of many varieties.

Pop Culture

This is our first category, and it's pretty self explanatory. This category contains everything to do with pop culture.

What To Expect: Videos about movies, comics, celebrities, internet drama, etc.


Does anyone remember Newgrounds? It was the home for many talented animators for a long time, until they eventually migrated to YouTube. This category is us trying to recapture the vibe of Newgrounds.

This category is meant for those who are doing creative, unique, and otherwise artistic content. Our painters, animators, and illustrators can all be found here.

What To Expect: Art, Animation, etc.


The next category is Education. Originally, Odysee just had a science category called Lab. We realized we had a lot of other kinds of educational content, so we took the science content that was in Lab and combined it with everything else to make one broad education category.

What To Expect: Science, History, Space, Engineering, Tutorials, How-To's, etc.


In the mood for a laugh? The Comedy category is where you'll want to be.

We can't promise that everyone in this category is actually funny, but we can promise they're trying to be.

What To Expect: Funny people


This is Odysee's version of HGTV. Or the Travel Channel. Or the Fashion channel (whatever that would be). This category has a wide variety of lifestyle content.

What To Expect: Cooking, Gardening, Homesteading, Fashion, FItness, Travel, etc.


This category primarily exists for listening to music, although you may occasionally find educational content like lessons.

What To Expect: Songs, Albums, Music Videos, Live Performances, Remixes, etc.


Who doesn't love sports? Whether it's baseball, hockey, football (the good kind), soccer, or anything else, this is where it'll be.

What To Expect: Sports!


This category is pretty self-explanatory. It has everything to do with gaming.

What To Expect: Gaming Reviews, Tutorials, Let's Plays, etc.


Chances are if you're on Odysee, you're a bit more tech savvy than the average person. With that in mind, we created this category for the tech enthusiasts among you.

What To Expect: Tech Reviews, Tutorials, Unboxings, etc.

Finance 2.0

As well as being into tech, the average Odysee user probably knows a thing or two about cryptocurrency. You know, being that Odysee is built on a blockchain and whatnot.

This category is for financial topics both new and old.

What To Expect: Cryptocurrency, Banking, Stocks, Economic Predictions & Analysis, etc.


Odysee has a pretty big spiritual community - and this is where you can find them. There's no discrimination in this category, so you'll be able to find creators preaching everything imaginable.

What To Expect: Christianity, Astrology, Meditation, and everything in between.

News & Politics

There's a lot going on the world and whole lotta people giving their opinions about it all. That's what this category is for.

What To Expect: News, Debates, Commentary, etc.


"Universe" might seem like a strange name, but it's perfect for this category. This category is intentionally left ambiguous - there's a wide variety of content and a lot to explore. There's no telling what you may find here.

What To Expect: Anything

Rabbit Hole

This category isn't filtered in any way. Go down the rabbit hole!

What To Expect: Literally Anything