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How Do the Categories Work?

While clicked into a category, you have three options for sorting: New, Trending, and Top.

New shows content in the order it was uploaded across all creators within that category.

Trending shows the content that has had the greatest increase in tips and supports over the last few hours and days within that category.

Top shows the content published within the selected period that has received the largest total amount of tips and supports within that category.

How Are Channels/Videos Categorized?

The categories are partly automatic processes and partly manual curation. If your videos aren't appearing in a category that they should be appearing in, please email [email protected] with the details of your channel and the type of category you consider your content eligible for.

How Are New Categories Created?

New categories are created largely based on the amount of content we have that would fit into it.

For example, prior to the Music category being created, we had a couple hundred music creators who were appearing all over the platform because we didn't have a dedicated place for them.

As well, categories for now are very broad. Over time, they'll start to niche down more and more.

We do take suggestions though. If you have a category idea feel free to reach out to us on our Odysee channel, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, or by emailing [email protected].