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Get some Credits

To view the page, click the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the page from the drop-down menu.

The top of the screen will show the list to get more Credits These are:

  • First load: Launch your own channel by sharing a video.
  • Coveted Creator: This Credit is given based on the total number of verified followers (followers with verified accounts) your channel has.
  • The Journey: This Credit is given for following creators.
  • Weekly Watch: This Credit is given for watching videos for at least 3 days in a given week.
  • Favorite Five: This Credit is given for reposting content from 5 different creators.
  • Custom Code: If you've received a custom code from a creator, this is where you can enter it for Credits.
  • Invites: You can receive Credits simply for inviting others onto Odysee. For more information, click ahead to the next section.