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Requirements & Limits

If it was up to us, we'd be syncing every channel that asked with no restrictions. Unfortunately, our YouTube sync resources are limited (especially as Odysee continues to grow) and we have to allocate them as best we can.


  • Your subscription count must be public on YouTube.
  • Videos bigger than 2GB will be synced at lower quality (720p, 480p, ...)
  • Private or unlisted videos will not be published. Copyrighted and age restricted videos may also be skipped.
  • You must have at least 100 YouTube subscribers.



Your channel limits are based on your subscriber count at the time of syncing. If your channel had 200 subscribers when enrolling but is now at 2000 subscribers, your channel would still have the 200 subscriber limits. To request a raise on these limits, email [email protected].

SubscribersVideo limit for mirroring (new videos are transmitted first)Maximum video length
100+2030 minutes
300+8030 minutes
500+801 hour
600+2001 hour
800+2501 hour
1000+4002 hours
5000+5002 hours
10000+10002 hours

Of course we make exceptions. Just send us an email: [email protected]