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What is the YouTube Sync Program?

Upon enrolling in the sync program, your YouTube channel and its content will begin mirroring to Odysee using our sync tool.

Your Odysee channel will have the same name, profile picture, and channel description as its YouTube counterpart, as well as all public videos within that channel's limits. This includes the titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions of those videos.

As well as syncing all of your existing content, any public videos uploaded to your YouTube channel in the future will also sync to Odysee automatically. In this way, your Odysee channel will run itself.

There's no contract or hidden obligations in this program. Your content remains 100% yours, and you can opt-out at any time. We simply have the YouTube sync tool to lessen the burden of managing channels on multiple platforms.


If your channel has been synced and has not reflected new posted videos, please wait a while until the videos are transferred to the channel. Otherwise, you can send an email to [email protected].