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Adding a Bank Account

By adding a bank account, you'll be able to receive cash tips from other users and create memberships. We strongly encourage creators to do this, so their viewers can send them tips.

To add a bank account, you'll first need to open Your Wallet. Your wallet is towards the top right of the screen, on the menu bar.

On the mobile version, you'll find it towards the bottom of the sidebar menu.

From here, you'll select Bank Accounts.

That will take you here, where you'll select Connect Your Bank Account.

This takes you outside of Odysee to Stripe.

From here, you'll simply enter the information requested.

After your bank account is added and you're receiving tips, you'll be able to track the amount you've received on your wallet.

Every 2-3 business days, the tips sent to your Odysee wallet will automatically cash out and be sent to your bank account.


For your bank account connection to be successful on Odysee, you will need to have a dollar bank account. Some regions or countries are not yet eligible for this, so please check availability in your country.