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While viewing a channel or a piece of content, you may have noticed a colon followed by a number or letter at the end of the URL.


This isn't just for show or a stylistic decision. This indicates that particular channel or content's Claim ID, which is simply a register of its metadata on LBRY.

Naming on Odysee is like an auction. For example, say there are two uploads with the same URL: "cat."

One URL shows: "", and the other shows ""

If you were to click on the link, "," which one of these two videos, that both have the URL "cat," would the link direct to?

The answer is whichever video has the higher Credits stake. Let's say "cat:7b" has the higher Credits stake. To find this video, you could search "", or you could simply search "" because it has the highest stake.

To find the video with the lower stake, you would have to search the full URL, "".

The highest staked content will also be reflected on search results within Odysee itself.


If you do a search for "cat" on Odysee, the file with the highest Credits stake for that result will appear at the top of the results.

If the top claim was outbid by a higher stake, the URL wouldn't change immediately. For every month a name is controlled, 1 day is added to the waiting period, for a maximum of 7 days (after 7 months).