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Creating Tiers


If you haven't connected your bank account, you won't be able to set up tiers. To do this, you can view our guide here.

To create, edit, or delete tiers, you'll need to be on the My Tiers tab.

To create your first tier, click the pink Add Tier button.

From here, you'll enter a Tier Name, Tier Description, choose a few preset perks, and enter a contribution amount.

On your tier description, we'd recommend saying a few words about the tier itself and listing out extra benefits besides the presets under Perks.

This can also be used to provide clarity. For example, if your first and second tier both give access to members-only content but the second tier gives access to extra members-only content that the first doesn't, you could clarify here.

From this point, you'll select from the list of preset perks. These are:

  • A member badge being shown next to your name in chat
  • Access to members-only content and the ability to chat on that content
  • Access to members-only livestreams and the ability to chat on those livestreams
  • Access to members-only chat on public livestreams when chat is restricted to only members

Once you're happy with your tier, select Save Tier and you're all set.

Once a tier is entered, you'll be able to preview it by navigating to the Memberships tab on your channel page.

You can jump to this screen through the preview button at the top right of the My Tiers tab.

Tier Ideas

Having trouble coming up with perks to give your members? Here's a list of ideas:

  • In-video mentions
  • Members' names in credits
  • Access to a private Discord
  • One on one video calls
  • Group video calls
  • Suggesting video topics
  • Following on Twitter
  • Access to behind the scenes footage
  • Early access to videos
  • Members-only book club
  • Private Q&A livestreams
  • Access to blog content
  • Blooper reels

Editing and Deleting Tiers

You can edit and/or delete any tier by selecting the Gear icon on the top right corner of the tier from the My Tiers tab.