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Got a high-quality documentary, film, etc. that you'd like to set for rent/purchase? You can do this through Odysee.

You'll first want to make sure you have a bank account linked to Odysee. If you don't, check out our guide here.

When uploading a video, scroll down to the Tags section.

You'll be able to set the purchase price, rental price, and rental time using tags.

To set a purchase price, enter purchase:[price]. For example, if you'd like to set the purchase price to $9.99, you'd enter purchase:9.99.

Hit enter, and you'll see the purchase tag under Selected Tags.


Purchasing does not allow the user to download the video. It only allows unlimited access to the video through Odysee itself.

To enter the rental price and time to rent, you'll use the Rental tag. The rental tag is rental:[price]:[time in seconds]. For example, if you'd like to set the rental price to $4.99 and the rental time to 24 hours, you'd enter rental:4.99:86400.

Hit enter, and you'll see the rental tag under Selected Tags.

Finish uploading, and your video will be locked behind the purchase or rental price: