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Social Media Promotional Assets

Here, you can find the membership social media promotional assets.

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Creator Membership PromotionEnglish1080x1080p6.859 KBDownload
Creator Membership PromotionEnglish1200x630p6.129 KBDownload
Creator Membership PromotionSpanish1080x1080p90.119 KBDownload
Creator Membership PromotionSpanish1200x630p65.203 KBDownload

Photoshop Files

Want to make changes to the art? You can download Photoshop layered files along with fonts and other assets in this section.

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Creator Photoshop Files, Fonts, Illustrator Files, etc.14.289 KBDownload


Want to use an animation within your videos to remind your users to join and donate to your memberships program? Here, you can find moving image resources and music.

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Odysee Videos, Animations and Music92.651 KBDownload

Talking Points

Need talking points? In this section, you will find press questions, an Odysee Timeline infographic, and further in formation about the brand including the character backstories.

Odysee Timeline

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Odysee Timeline1.829 KBDownload

Odysee Brand Guide

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Odysee Brand Guide2.236 KBDownload

Odysee Press Statements

What's Odysee all about?

Odysee was birthed in September 2020 out of the blockchain file-sharing company LBRY. Ever since, we have been working hard on improving the Odysee experience for about 30 million users on our website as well as our iOS and Android-App.

Odysee is headed by Julian Chandra, who has a background in innovative tech marketing. He has created a strong brand and a defined company mission to see that creators were provided with the tools and means with which to share their stories without being suppressed by authoritarian organizations.

There's YouTube: Why do we need Odysee?

Odysee is a creative platform that allows creators the ability to post videos, written word, audio files and photos as well as to live-stream content on various entertaining topics that are legal within their jurisdiction and that adheres to Odysee's Community Guidelines.

YouTube does not allow a creator to tell a story with any media other than video. Meanwhile, Odysee provides a creator with a full suite of tools to tell a story with video, photos, text, and audio files. We are free and independent and want to compete with YouTube and other video platforms. We also see competition as something positive, and we can definitely keep up. In contrast to YouTube, we don't see ourselves as gatekeepers, but as service providers for creative minds.

What are the advantages for creators who upload their videos to your platform?

CENSORSHIP: Odysee provides distinct advantages over centralized video sharing platforms where a single company controls the data. As a web3 company, Odysee leverages a distributed storage system which makes content less easy to be censored.

MONETIZATION: Outside of censorship concerns, Odysee is building out more monetization tools for creators including memberships, so that creators can find patrons to support them. Odysee also offers tipping and hyperchats, where fans can financially support creators in small increments.

ADDITIONAL CREATOR SUPPORT: Further creator support can be found in our up-coming creator educational resources, co-marketing programs, and new curated content portals that will feature top-notch established and up-coming talent that will be advertised to users.

How does Odysee deal with questionable content?

Odysee adheres to national laws and is guided by its Declaration of Indifference, also known as Community Guidelines. We are a media platform for all creative minds and do not see ourselves as an explicit political platform, like Rumble or Bitchute. Anyone can register as a user or creator on Odysee. We neither promote nor penalize political content. If you think something on Odysee is not in line with our community guidelines please use the report button, and we will review the content.

Does Odysee use an algorithm?

The content on the home page is selected using a trending algorithm. Here's more information on discoverability in our help hub. It is clear that the algorithm does not always meet the taste of the individual. The great thing about Odysee is that you always see your subscriptions at the top of the homepage, which means that our algorithm actually plays a minor role.

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All images, sounds, music are copyright Odysee. Permission is given to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.