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When viewing your wallet, you'll notice a few different balances.

On the right, you'll have a balance in USD or Euros if you've received any cash tips that haven't cashed out yet. These cash out automatically to your connected bank account.

On the left, your total LBC balance is all of the LBC in your possession.

Your immediately spendable balance is exactly that, your LBC that can be spent immediately.

LBC Boosting Content

Next is your balance that's boosting content. This includes refundable boosts sent to other users, and deposits supporting your own content. You can see the breakdown of this by selecting View more.

  • LBC earned from others are tips that have been sent to you. Until unlocked, these will boost the visibility of the content they were tipped on. To learn more, check out our guide on staking here.
  • LBC staked on initial publishes are what was staked when originally uploading the file. This can be made available by editing the deposit amount on the upload, or deleting the upload.
  • LBC supporting content is LBC that is currently boosting other creators' content.